We are creating and investing in ventures to co-develop Extraordinary Mobility Solutions from Latin America to the world.

At güil we have achieved to build an extraordinary and diverse team from every point of view. We have team members with different professional backgrounds, cultures from around the world, different generations and lifestyles but there is something that is common to all of us: our values. We are constantly encouraging an entrepreneur- based culture, where resilience, agility and a constant learning- mode are at the base, together with promoting collective intelligence, collaboration and of course, respecting each other in the whole process

Catalina Lobo
Talent Expert

"The impact of Awto has been to create a new form of mobility that people weren't taking before, because we had a deep-rooted concept of having a private car for each of us, which is a vehicle that in the end passes 97% of the time parked. There are places in Vitacura where the car per house rate is 3.2, which is crazy"

Francisco Loehnert
CEO of awto